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MBBS In China For Pakistani Students -2024

Embarking on an MBBS in China opens doors for Pakistani students seeking quality education. China’s renowned medical universities offer affordability and international recognition. Beyond academics, students relish China’s rich cultural tapestry and vibrant lifestyle. From the Great Wall to bustling cityscapes, China offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Let’s explore the enriching journey of pursuing an MBBS in China for Pakistani students.

Why study in China

China has long and historical ties with Pakistan with affordable quality education making it a natural selection for Pakistani students. In Pakistan, the criteria for selection in MBBS programs in government universities is quite tough. The selection criteria and number of seats available force students to explore other options. 

English Medium MBBS in China

China has become one of the most aggressive and best-value English-medium medical programs.Various authorized English medical degree programs for international study are offered to take admission in China. China is known for its excellent medical education and competitive English medium MBBS program. Make sure to check the list of government-approved institutions for MBBS in English. Further, professional and experienced consultants of AELC will help you choose the best university. The average cost of MBBS admission in China is 3800 CNY. It is lower than other renowned universities worldwide.

Cost Effective

China’s MBBS degree is lighter in the pocket of Pakistani students. The average cost of MBBS is around 3800 CNY. It also includes the hostel and tuition fees. It is far less in comparison to the UK, USA, or other famous educational destinations. China offers many scholarship programs for deserving students of Pakistan.

Requirements for MBBS in 2024

Normally, universities take September intake. If any seats are left then Spring, and March intake is also available. Students need to prepare beforehand and get the complete documentation ready.The required documents are:

  1. Matriculation result card & Intermediate result Card (60% marks FSC)
  2. Digital Photo with white background
  3. Filled application form
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Signed fee structure by student & Guardian
  6. Language Certificate IELTS or TOEFL
  7. Passport First page Scanned
  8. Medical Check on Chinese Physical Form
  9. Study plan in English of 600 words 
  10. Police clearance certificate

Jobs after MBBS

AELC simplifies your journey to study in China. We’ll guide you to top universities, refine your application, and boost your global competitiveness. Renowned Chinese universities combine quality education with cutting-edge facilities for a thriving academic journey

Visa Processing

A security non refundable deposit of 3000 RMB (PKR 117,710). Moreover, the university takes 15 -20 days to process the application. After the offer letter is received visa processing time is of four days only.

Benefits Of MBBS in China

  • High-quality education:

 China has made significant investments in its medical education infrastructure, with many medical universities and colleges recognized globally for their high-quality education and research.

  • International recognition:

 Several Chinese medical universities are recognized by prominent international medical organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).. This recognition can enhance the career prospects of graduates.

  • English-taught programs: 

Many Chinese medical universities offer MBBS programs in English, making it accessible to international students who may not speak Chinese.

  • Advanced facilities:

Chinese medical universities often have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, providing students with hands-on clinical experience.

  • Cultural experience: 

Studying in China allows students to immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience, learn Mandarin, and gain a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Global opportunities: 

With a degree from a reputable Chinese medical university, graduates can pursue medical careers not only in China but also in other countries, as many institutions have international partnerships and affiliations.

  • Cultural Diversity: 

Studying MBBS in China allows you to study with people from many different countries. This can help you learn about other cultures and make new friends.

  • Scholarships in China: 

Some universities in China offer financial aid to international students which can help you pay for your education.

  • Research based Education:

 Many Chinese universities are involved in important medical research. This means you may be able to participate in research projects and gain valuable experience while you are studying.

  • Safe to study : 

China is generally considered to be a safe country for international students, with a low crime rate and a focus on safety on university campuses.


The friendly and warm neighbour China welcomes Pakistani students with open arms. MBBS in China is attractive due to its affordable tuition fee, good cost of living, simple and easy visa process, and career options.The above details will help pursue MBBS in China for Pakistani students in 2024.AELC’s continuous  guidance will ensure your placement for MBBS and will make this a smooth process and hurdlefree.

Hurry up!Grab this opportunity and become a medical professional.