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We arrange safe and suitable accommodation.

Studying abroad brings a challenging task: finding safe and peaceful accommodation. With a long list of accommodation partners, we can assist you in selecting the place which you think is suitable according to your requirements.Whether you are looking for private accommodation or with a group, the accommodation services by AEL Consultants give you options as per your choices. We provide complete details about the accommodation provider for authenticity. We ensure to fulfill your requests timely and appropriately.

Easy Accommodation Process

Study abroad and pursue your career with no pressure from the accommodation arrangements. 

Our accommodation services in Pakistan  offer various kinds of accommodation options to students who are looking to study abroad in different countries by:

  • Assisting with accommodation facilities across the world
  • Fully secure and trustworthy accommodation

Accommodation Procedure

AEL consultants have to offer a complete range of services required to study abroad so the process becomes smooth and your dreams come true. We have served customers for ten years with complete confidence.

  • Homestay facilities are arranged.
  • On and off-campus accommodation
  • Temporary hotel accommodation until you find a new place.
  • Temporary accommodation with a group of international students
  • Best support and endless guidance by our accommodation services experts

Know Everything You Need to Know About Study Abroad Accommodation

For many ambitious students, studying in Canada or the UK has always been a dream. But not anymore! 

Millions of students are looking to find flawless and reliable guidance to travel to other countries of their choice each year. Taking a flight overseas is always a tough decision. However, you are lucky to find AEL Consultants to breathe life into the next step in your foreign education goals. Why? 

Foreign education in an advanced country is crucial for your career and professional grooming. It can give you a chance to meet new people and simultaneously gives you an opportunity to fulfill your fantasies to travel to many places you have never seen. Travelling abroad away from your home country is always an enchanting experience that brings a host of knowledge about the world. 

AEL Consultants are your friendly and caring study abroad admissions and accommodation consultants. We will guide you from day one about learning new languages, encountering the unique culture abroad, and selecting and settling on a new accommodation. 

New accommodation in Canada, Malaysia, or the UK can help you make new friends and professional connections. We want to make it a lifetime experience for you. With AEL Consultants, you can make the most of this experience to help you find and live in a safe and happy place. 

Being away from Home, Feel at Home!

Being an international student for two to four years can bring memories of home. But not when you live in a safe, comfortable place that suits your needs and budget in a new country overseas. After getting an acceptance into an educational program in Malaysia, Canada, or the UK, AEL accommodation services professionals are ready to help you with the important steps of finding the best housing options and student hostels. Since reaching a new country across the ocean is easier said than done, don’t fret! AEL Consultants have all figured out for you to settle happily at a new place that will feel like home. 

Types of Accommodations

Private apartments, dormitories, or homestays, AEL accommodation services in Pakistan can help you get your desired accommodation. While studying abroad, the house or apartment you choose will significantly impact your overall mental and physical well-being. That will also impact your academic success and overall lifestyle. This means that students should take care and gain proper guidance regarding choosing the most suitable and budget-friendly space. 

No need to worry! It all seems a bit daunting in the beginning; however, you are protected by our accommodation experts, who will find different types of student housing options available in different countries and find you the best place to live peacefully. 

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