15 Interesting Reasons why to study in Canada?

why study in Canada

Canada’s education system is one of the best in the world. Canada is one country that offers the highest quality of life and top prestigious global universities and institutions for international students to pursue their career ambitions and dreams. Canada invites thousands of students each year. As an international student, you can get ample opportunities to gain industry experience and improve your chances of settling by studying in Canada.

Moreover, degrees earned in Canada are internationally equivalent to degrees in the United States and Europe. This means that Canada is one amazing land that offers endless possibilities and opportunities to international students and graduates to start an amazing life. Many people ask why study in Canada? Why not America or the UK? 

In this post, we will understand why Canada still ranks as the top country and the most interesting study destination for international students.

Reasons to Choose Canada for Study

1. Highest Quality of Education

Canada offers a quality education throughout our more than 8,000 colleges and 16,000 university programs, and anyone studying these programs can easily show you how innovative and creative these programs are. What we mean is that students not only focus on their CGPA in Canadian institutions, but they also focus on grooming their professional and intellectual skills. So the highest quality of Canadian institutions is justified by students’ ability to outperform others studying in many other Eastern and Western countries.

2. Top Ranking Universities Across the Globe

All the Canadian universities are ranked among the top 200 in the world. This was published in the World University Rankings list of 2021. This shows that several graduate, master’s, and PhD programs are top-ranked in the world gained through Canadian institutions. 

3. Affordable Tuition Fee

Regarding tuition fees and living expenses, Canada may not be the cheapest country in the world. However, we can show you that Canada is still an affordable option and a low-cost study destination for international students if they follow some money-saving tips and spend wisely.Moreover, Canadian institutions’ tuition fees are generally lower than in colleges and universities in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. All these English-speaking countries charge higher fees for international students. So if you are a budget-conscious student, Canada is still an affordable option for you to achieve your dreams

4. Leader in Distance Education

Why choose Canada for study abroad? Canada is a leading country that provides both on-site and online and distance education to remote learners. This means that many students have the option to study on campus or online while enrolled in a Canadian institution. Moreover, from kindergarten through to postgraduate studies, many learners can choose to study in the official language of the country, which is English, or they can also choose French as a medium of study.

5. Flexible Study Options

Canada also provides students and international learners to remain flexible and suit their schedules to gain the best education. This means that as a Canadian student, you can benefit from flexible study options and transfer between types and levels of education. Some countries do not allow students to study part-time; in Canada, international students enjoy the greatest flexibility. With rest assured, you won’t face any hurdles or obstacles like in other countries of the world to avail flexible study options. 

6. Work with Study Options (PGWP)

As an international student in Canada, you are eligible to work both on and off campus. This means when studying in a college or getting a graduate degree from a university, you can work part-time for 20 hours per week and earn a handsome income to afford your study, food, and living expenses. Moreover, after your graduation, you can also apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit  PGWP to work and settle in Canada permanently. 

7. Excellent Employment Rates

After studying in most Canadian colleges and institutes, you can develop outstanding or excellent skills to boost your employment rate. Statistics Canada shows in a survey that in 2019, more than 90% of students found jobs within three years after completing their graduate studies. Moreover, more than 83% of students also showed a highly satisfactory rate with their jobs.

8. The Best Quality of Life

Canada is well-known for providing the highest quality of life to its citizens. You can start a rewarding career after graduating from a university and live in Canada, the best country in terms of quality of life. 

9. Truly Multicultural Society

Canada is a diverse country with more than 250 ethnic origins and 200 languages spoken from across the globe. This means that there are many ethnic and Indigenous groups living in the country. You won’t feel like you are away from home for a long time. 

10. Diversity and French Language Schools

The diversity of degree programs in Canada is comprehensive. They offer the best schools to master many different languages. Universities offer many French Language Schools and programs which provide opportunities to learn French at a lower or no cost.  

11. Low Post-graduation fee

Again, tuition fee mostly depends on what you are studying. The fee for a postgraduate program normally ranges from USD 14100. Canada also offers low-cost education compared to the US, UK, and Australia.

12. Living Costs are Amazing

You can live in this budget-friendly country because, in Toronto, international students often survive with USD 2271 to USD 5680 for on-campus housing per year. However, there are cheaper hostels, dorms, and university accommodations.

13. High-tech Environment

The country is equipped with high-tech infrastructure and facilities. Students can enjoy High-speed internet and can mix learning and leisure. 

14. Fun with Learning and Leisure

There are several amusement parks, cable cars, sceneries, and public art galleries and museums in Canada to enjoy your time around. You can learn and have fun at the same time in Canada.  

15. Permanent Settlement

This is the best part of the Canadian education system. The government’s PGWP program, as discussed earlier, paves the way for graduates in Canada to work and live permanently after applying for a post-graduate work permit.  

Choose Canada for top-quality education, prestigious universities, affordable fees, flexible study options, work opportunities, excellent employment rates, multicultural society, diverse programs, low post-graduation fees, and a high quality of life. Settle permanently with the Post-Graduation Work Permit program. Experience the best of education and beyond in Canada.