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AEL Consultants is an education abroad consultants company internationally recognized education consulting agency since 2010. We have successfully placed hundreds of students in international universities. We offer placement services for students in Australia, AISA, the USA, Canada, and the UK. We provide full-fledged student services, from counseling, test preparation, visa processing, and accommodation. Therefore, if you have no clue how to study aboard, trust our experienced professionals to achieve your career dreams!

About AEL Consultants

We provide you with the most reliable journey to the most thrilling destinations and prestigious institutions.

When it concerns quality education, the horizons for opportunities and options become very narrow. It gets difficult for Pakistani students to enrich themselves with the essence of competitive education, and that’s when AEL Consultants, a serious and caring study abroad consultancy put its efforts and knowledge further to help students thrive. 

AEL Consultants have the best expert overseas education consultants who have been striving hard day and night since 2010 to provide wings to your educational dreams. For over a decade now, overseas education consultants we have provide honest consultancy services where others fail to provide authentic, reliable, and right-on services to clients aiming to study abroad to fulfill their dreams. This result couldn’t help us resist the urge to provide exceptional services to enthusiasts who are deprived of the right opportunities.

Unlike other foreign education consultants, AEL Consultants is the unique company, an education consultant with extensive experience in the international education sector, have become a reliable resource for students seeking to enroll in prestigious institutions in countries all over the world, including the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, and Malaysia. That is why study abroad becomes fun for our clients. 

Who We Are

AEL is the highly successful study abroad consultant company with years of experience, we are the international placement agency of choice for students who wish to study abroad, with years of experience placing eager young minds into dozens of international universities. We take pride in helping you find the right university abroad.

What We Do

Yes you got it right! As a student consultant organization, we don’t simply find you a university to study at – we help you transition into the next stage of your life and bring you a step closer to the future you

Our Promise

Over the years, we have built relationships with leading universities worldwide and led ambitious young minds to find their calling. Our whole team dedicates all their efforts to make their dreams come true. It is what we do, and this is our promise.


We abide by the rules of providing the correct information to the clients, thus maintaining trust and confidence. Our principles are our core values, which embody a sense of responsibility, liability, and proper conduct. We promise to provide the highest level of confidentiality and consistency in communication.
envision. Let us counsel you through your career choices and find the degree that fits your talents. Click here for our services.

Our Services

What ServiceS We Offer


We take time to ponder over the interests, hobbies, aims, and likings of a particular student. We will help you through a list of courses and educate you on each. We also help you to understand the country at its best. We love to find you the best countries for study abroad.


We are well educated on the rules and policies of top-ranked universities worldwide; therefore, we ensure a smooth admission process.

Test Preparations

We are more than just study consultants. Since test requirements vary with countries and universities, so it is essential to provide you with proper criteria to save your time. We are always willing to guide you with accurate info.


Visa processing is made easy with us now, just like 1,2,3… We maintain constant contact with foreign embassies and other relevant departments, so it is evident that we cannot provide ambiguous information. Global students trust our overseas education consultant visa services.


We never leave our students on their own until they find a safe environment to function. And this brings us the providence of safe, secure, and comfortable accommodation.

Our Study Destinations

Planning to study abroad is a dream for many, and we make their dreams come true with our exceptional services and choice of destinations. Our study destinations include the world’s safest and most human-friendly countries, with the providence of top-notch education. Besides just education, there is much more to immerse yourself in. For instance, culture and people. The best thing about our study destinations is that they are rich in both culture and education.

we’re the best

Why Choose Us

So this is a question you should be asking yourself and us because it is the key to your gateway to quality education and accomplishing dreams. There are two major reasons to choose us:


By this, we mean that we don’t provide ambiguous information and guidelines. We strive hard to enrich students with the most recent events, policies, and requirements.

Exceptional Services

From counseling to accommodation, our experienced team never lets you feel alone or unequipped with guidelines. We always have your back no matter what!

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