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AEL Consultants is an internationally recognized educational consultant company that delivered excellent study-abroad services since 2010. As leading study abroad consultants, we take pride in our success in placing hundreds of students at top international universities across the globe. We offer student placement services in Malaysia, Canada, China and the UK. As professional consultants, we provide full-fledged student services like counselling, test preparation, visa processing, and accommodation. Therefore, if you have no clue how to study abroad, trust our experienced professionals to achieve your career dreams!

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Study Abroad & Educational Consultant

We provide you with the most reliable journey to the most thrilling destinations, prestigious institutions, and the valuable suggestions of an educational consultant.

When it concerns quality education, choosing the best consultant from among the many study abroad consultants is important. The horizons for opportunities and options become very narrow. It gets difficult for students to enrich themselves with the essence of competitive education, and that’s when AEL Consultants, a serious and caring study abroad consultancy put its efforts and knowledge further to help students thrive. 

AEL Consultants has a team of experienced consultants who have been striving hard day and night since 2010 to provide wings to your educational dreams. For over a decade now, our consultants have provided honest consultancy services where others fail to provide authentic, reliable, and right-on services to clients aiming to study abroad to fulfill their dreams. This result couldn’t help us resist the urge to provide exceptional services to enthusiasts who are deprived of the right opportunities. Being one of the best education consultants, we strive for excellence!

Unlike other foreign consultants, AEL Consultants is a unique educational consulting company with vast experience in the international education sector that has become a reliable resource for students seeking to enroll in prestigious institutions in countries all over the world, including the UK, China, Canada, and Malaysia. This is why our clients enjoy learning overseas. 

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Who We Are

AEL is a highly successful study abroad consulting company with extensive experience. We are the preferred international placement agency for students seeking to study abroad, having successfully placed numerous eager young minds in top-notch universities worldwide. We take great pride in assisting you in finding the perfect university abroad that suits your aspirations and goals.

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What We Do

Yes, you got it right! As a student consultancy company, we are reputable education consultants who don’t simply find you a university to study at – we help you transition into the next stage of your life and bring you a step closer to the future.

education in UK consultancy

Who We Are

AEL is a highly successful study abroad consulting company with extensive experience. We are the preferred international placement agency for students seeking to study abroad, having successfully placed numerous eager young minds in top-notch universities worldwide. We take great pride in assisting you in finding the perfect university abroad that suits your aspirations and goals.

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What We Do

Yes, you got it right! As a student consultancy company, we are reputable educational consultant who don’t simply find you a university to study at – we help you transition into the next stage of your life and bring you a step closer to the future.

Our Promise

Over the years, we have built relationships with leading universities worldwide and led ambitious young minds to find their calling. Our whole team dedicates all their efforts to making their dreams come true. It is what we do, and this is our promise.


We abide by the rules of providing the correct information to the clients, thus maintaining trust and confidence. Our principles are our core values, which embody a sense of responsibility, liability, and proper conduct. We promise to provide the highest level of confidentiality and consistency in communication.

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Study Abroad Destinations​

Planning to study abroad is a dream for many, and we make their dreams come true with our exceptional services and choice of destinations. Our study destinations include the world’s safest and most human-friendly countries, with the providence of top-notch education. Besides just education, there is much more to immerse yourself in. For instance, culture and people. The best thing about our study destinations is that they are rich in both culture and education.

From elementary to post-secondary education, Canada is renowned for offering high-quality academic programs. Our Canadian study consultants are dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience with personalized support, removing all obstacles to help you achieve your academic goals.

China is rapidly becoming a top destination for international students seeking high-quality education at an affordable cost. Our expert AEL consultants will provide complete guidance to ensure a smooth process, from university selection to visa applications.

Malaysia is a top choice for international students, offering a peaceful and affordable study destination. With world-class cities and universities, Malaysia provides all the necessary resources for building a successful career and gaining ample knowledge.

With AEL as your study in the UK consultants, you can build a bright future. We will guide you in the right direction by providing services such as creating the appropriate CV, offering visa guidance, admission consultancy, and career counseling after graduation in the UK.

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Visa processing is made easy with us now, just like 1,2,3… We maintain constant contact with foreign embassies and other relevant departments, so it is evident that we cannot provide ambiguous information. Global students trust our overseas education consultant visa services.

Test Preparations

We are more than just educational consultant. Since test requirements vary with countries and universities, it is essential to provide you with proper criteria to save your time. We are always willing to guide you with accurate info.


We as best study abroad consultants in take time to ponder over the interests, hobbies, aims, and liking of a particular student. We will help you through a list of courses and educate you on each. We also help you to understand the country at its best. We love to find you the best countries for study abroad.


We are well educated on the rules and policies of top-ranked universities worldwide; therefore, we ensure a smooth admission process.Admissions representatives from AEL make your admission overseas easy and smooth.


We never leave our students on their own until they find a safe environment to function. And this brings us the providence of safe, secure, and comfortable accommodation.

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So, this is a question you should be asking yourself and us because it is the key to your gateway to quality education and accomplishing dreams. There are two major reasons to choose us:


By this, we mean that we don’t provide ambiguous information and guidelines. We strive hard to enrich students with the most recent events, policies, and requirements.

Exceptional Services

From counseling to accommodation, our experienced team never lets you feel alone or unequipped with guidelines. We always have your back no matter what!

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How To study Abroad?


There are various factors why study abroad programs are becoming more popular. The appeal for most international students is likely to be a combination of obtaining a high-quality education, immersing themselves in a new culture (and, in many cases, a second language), developing a global attitude, and improving future work opportunities.

For some, the prospect of leaving their hometown and venturing into the unknown is frightening, but studying abroad can be a fascinating challenge that leads to better job opportunities and a deeper understanding of how the world works.

The kind of experience you have while abroad may vary greatly depending on where you go, so choose a study destination based on your interests as well as the country’s academic reputation to maintain a healthy work/play balance. You can get assistance from one of our study abroad consultants in selecting the best study destination for you based on your interests and needs.

Deciding where to study in the world is not always a simple job. Aside from your interests, you should consider practical factors such as the costs of studying in that country (including tuition and living costs), your graduate career possibilities (is there a good job market? ), and your overall health and safety.

You should also consider what type of lifestyle you want to live during your education. Do you prefer living in a large city or a small university town? Do you desire world-class athletic facilities or arts and culture on your doorstep? Whatever your interests are, be sure they are compatible with your study destination so that you have the best opportunity of enjoying your abroad experience.

If you need help making up your mind, consider some of the most popular destinations: Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia and the China. Also, you can get assistance from our expert consultants.

Once you have decided where you want to study, you should start to think about choosing a program and a university. You can explore top colleges using the QS World University Rankings, use subject rankings to find universities that are best for your subject and examine national rankings of universities in your selected destination.

You should then investigate the courses provided by the universities on your selection, along with the local region and lifestyle, admission requirements, and the price.

After you have chosening your program and an institution, you should start thinking about your application(s). The application process varies by university and country, but each institution’s official website will provide complete instructions on how to submit your application.

If you believe you may require a student visa, keep in mind that you will not be allowed to apply for one until you have received a letter of acceptance from your selected university. Each stage can take several months, so plan ahead of time.
For more guidance on selecting a course and a university, Feel free to contact us.

The amount of time you spend studying abroad will depend on the program and level of degree you are pursuing. In general, an undergraduate degree will take three or four years of full-time study (for example, most courses in the UK take three years, whereas most subjects in other countries take four years), but for a graduate degree, such as a master’s degree or equivalent, will take one or two years. A doctorate (PhD) program typically lasts three to four years.

Several universities in the world offer the option of studying abroad for a shorter period of time. Student exchange programs enable you to study abroad for a year, a semester, or even just a few weeks. Information regarding these shorter programs should be available on the universities websites. If you’re struggling to locate it and require guidance, you can get advice from our study abroad consultants.

It is recommended to start preparing your application as soon as possible. After all, the faster you get into a university, the quicker you can plan your trips. To avoid disappointment, make a calendar note of all the essential application deadlines (as specified by your chosen university).

Application deadlines will vary by university, but for programs beginning in the fall (September/October), applications will typically be open from early in the year (January/February) to the middle of the year (June/July).

Entry requirements differ widely between countries and universities, so double-check the information mentioned by your chosen university before submitting anything.

Generally, when applying for an undergraduate degree, you’ll be expected to demonstrate that you completed your secondary education to a standard equivalent to the required grades (e.g., your GPA, A-level grades, or equivalent) for the program you’re applying to. Students should contact the university’s admissions department if they have an international qualification and are unsure about its acceptance.

Non-native English speakers who wish to study in English-speaking countries are likely to be required to demonstrate their English-language proficiency by taking an English-language test such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Similar tests may be required for those studying in other languages. For more information about language tests, feel free to reach us.

For your application, you might be asked to provide various supporting documentation. Again, requirements vary by country and university. However, overseas students are usually required to provide the following:

  • Passport photos for identification
  • A statement of purpose
  • CV / Resumes
  • Academic references/ letters of recommendation
  • Certificate and transcripts of your secondary education
  • Proof of English-language proficiency (e.g. a TOEFL/IELTS test certificate or other language test)
  • Admissions test results (e.g. GMAT/GRE results, for graduate programs)

This depends on the country where you desire to study and the language in which your course will be taught. If you are not a native English speaker but intend to pursue a course taught in English, you must provide English language test results to demonstrate your proficiency in the language. This is to ensure that you will be able to follow your course without any problems.

Many countries worldwide, especially for graduate and business degrees, use English as a language of instruction. The university website usually lists the English-taught courses, and a national organization operates a centralized database that may also contain this information.

The TOEFL and IELTS are widely accepted as evidence of English proficiency. You can also show English language proficiency using alternative tests such as GRE, GMAT, and SAT.

Obtaining a student visa is a critical concern for those who wish to study abroad. However, it’s important to note that not all international students are probably required to obtain one. If you’re an EU citizen who intends to study in another EU country, you won’t need a visa.

On the other hand, if you’re from a different geographical region/continent than your intended destination, you will most likely need to apply for a student visa. This is generally applicable to long periods of overseas study. But, if you plan to enroll in a short-term exchange program that lasts for three months or less, a tourist or visitor visa may suffice. To find out for sure, check with your selected university or the government travel website of your place of study. You can also take help from one of our expert consultant.

To calculate the cost of studying abroad, you must consider both the average tuition fees and the cost of living for international students in your chosen country.

As a point of example, tuition fees for international students studying in the UK start at £10,000 (US$14,200) per year, with an additional £12,180 (US$17,300) required to cover living expenses (with more required if studying in London).

For more details about the cost of study in other countries like Malaysia, China, Canada, please feel free to contact our expert consultant.

Numerous countries provide scholarships to international students to support their studies. The first resource you should check is the website of your chosen university. There you will find comprehensive information about available scholarships. 

Moreover, the university may also provide details on external scholarships, such as those awarded by the government or business partners of the institution. If you don’t find such information, you can explore governmental schemes in both your home country and your study destination, along with funding opportunities provided by external organizations that match your field of study. For example, an engineering firm may offer scholarships specifically for engineering students.

Our expert consultants can also help you with scholarship applications. We will advise you on the best available solutions that are suitable for you.

If your preferred university provides readily available campus accommodation, you should be able to apply for a spot in these student halls. If this is not the case, you will be responsible for finding your accommodation.

If money is not an issue, you can consider renting your flat, while those on a smaller budget can find shared accommodation with other students or use spare room listings found online. In any case, do some research before signing anything or handing over any money. The student support team and student union at your university should also be able to guide you on how to find local accommodation.

We provide advice to students on accommodation and offer student accommodation services to assist them in overcoming challenges related to living arrangements. For more information feel free to contact us.

This will depend on whether your student visa allows you to work. In some countries, there are restrictions on the number of hours of paid work you can undertake during your studies. During term time, there is often a maximum of 20 hours of paid work per week, with full-time work permit during holidays. You can also check these requirements from selected university and their official government sites.

If you work while studying, it’s not a good idea to rely on your earnings to cover living expenses, and in many situations, you’ll need to show that you have enough money to support yourself when you apply for your visa.

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