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At AELC, our mission is to ensure a hassle-free experience for our students through every step of the study visa process. To achieve this, we have established strong connections with international immigration advisers who provide comprehensive support to our students. Our dedicated team includes AELC’s expert study visa consultants the entire visa application process.

Our top-notch study visa consultants in Karachi offer guidance on visa and citizenship issues, as well as job and educational opportunities. To better serve our students, our visa agents stay current with specific immigration system rules and regulations by participating in professional development programs.

At AELC, we have a decade of experience in the field, successfully placing students in renowned universities worldwide. Our proven track record highlights our commitment to student success.



At AELC – a student visa consultant in Karachi, we strive to make immigration to your desired country effortless. We offer comprehensive visa guidance for China, the UK, Canada, and Malaysia. Our study visa consultants are equipped with in-depth training and years of extensive experience in securing student visas.

Comprehensive Visa Assistance

AELC provides comprehensive visa assistance and entails personalized support for a range of visa types, guaranteeing a seamless processing journey aligned with your  requirements. Benefit from our expert visa agents in Karachi to navigate the visa process confidently and efficiently.

Visa Processing Efficiency

AELC’s study visa consultants ensure adherence to tight visa deadlines. Our  study visa consultants assure comprehensive support throughout the process, including documentation assistance, interview preparation, and post-interview guidance, making your study abroad planning seamless.

Confidence in Application

 Rely on  AELC- student visa consultants in Karachi and other countries for meticulous document preparation and application accuracy. Trust our expertise to handle intricate details, ensuring your application stands out. With our guidance, rest assured your application is precise.

Post Visa Assistance

AELC’s commitment extends throughout your journey, not just until your visa is granted. Our study visa consultants in Karachi  provide ongoing support, assisting you with embassy matters, arranging necessary documents,interview, and ensuring you’re well-prepared for your study adventure.



experience of over a decade in admission and expertise in visa applications, AELC understands the complexities of the process and offers reliable and knowledgeable guidance to students.We believe in providing updated information to clients

Tailored Support

Understanding the uniqueness of every student, our visa consultants prioritize your individual needs. Whether pursuing studies in Malaysia, the UK, or Canada, our visa agents in Karachi guarantee dedicated assistance tailored to your journey.

Language Assistance

Embark on a journey of cultural exploration. Our premier study visa consultants in Karachi provide resources to facilitate your integration into the local community. Experience the richness of the UK, Canada, or Malaysia with our guidance.

Study Visa Assistance

AELC’s seasoned visa agents in Karachi understand the unique needs of applicants to Malaysia, the UK, or Canada. We provide professional support and guidance, ensuring tailored services, timely updates, and expert assistance throughout the process.


AELC offers comprehensive assistance. We keep you informed of policy changes, ensuring your application aligns with updated requirements. Explore tailored visa support for each country:

Malaysia study visa consultants provide personalized guidance and keep you updated on visa policy changes, ensuring a smooth application journey . Benefit from our expertise in navigating Malaysia’s visa process.

Count on AELC -China study visa Consultants in Pakistan for expert support throughout the visa application process. We offer detailed assistance and stay abreast of policy updates, guaranteeing your application meets the latest requirements.

AELC’s Canada study visa consultants in Karachi provide complete and updated information about visa process. Our consultants offer tailored support and keep you informed of any policy changes, ensuring your application is accurate and up to date.

AELC’s UK visa consultants in Karachi are experienced to guide you through the UK’s visa application process. We provide personalized assistance and keep you updated on policy changes, ensuring a seamless application experience.