Studying in Malaysia has gained popularity due to the presence of over 170,000 students from more than 162 countries currently pursuing their education there, making it a top destination for students seeking quality education. This is because higher education in Malaysia is affordable and high-quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best study in Malaysia consultants in Pakistan, AELC should be your first choice.  

The Benefits of Study in Malaysia Are Truly Remarkable!

International students receive a warm welcome from the locals in Malaysia, where they are greeted with open arms and friendly faces. Study in Malaysia has become memorable for every student. Malaysian universities are committed to offering outstanding support to international students, ensuring their educational journey in Malaysia is truly memorable. The AELC team of study in Malaysia consultants consists of experienced education consultants from Malaysia who are committed to supporting you at every phase.

The Malaysian government strongly emphasizes ensuring that academic programs meet rigorous standards, promoting excellence in teaching and research across various fields of study.

Furthermore, Malaysia boasts a high-quality education system, with students’ performance and skill levels frequently examined before they get a degree. Our education consultant  Malaysia can guide you through the system’s complexities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

When you finish your study abroad adventure in Malaysia, several jobs and internships are waiting for you in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities. Below are the benefits of study in Malaysia:

quality education in Malaysia

Quality Education

Ready to Study in Malaysia?  Malaysia’s education system is one of the best in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the high quality of the Malaysian education system and its emphasis on international standards, certain Malaysian institutions offer computer science and engineering programs that are among the top 100 programs in the world. This presents a distinctive chance for you to pursue your studies in Malaysia and potentially establish yourself there post-graduation. Hire our professional Malaysian educational consultant today. Make your study in Malaysia a dream come true!


Zero Hustle Entry

Malaysia stands out as a natural selection for international students, particularly when compared to countries with more strict student immigration regulations. Overseas students have a wide range of study options available in Malaysia compared to other nations. Unlike at most international universities, applicants to Malaysian institutions must have their prior transcripts, valid passports, identification papers, and health certificates on hand to be considered for admission. Once you’ve gathered all these documents, you’re prepared to apply. This is where AELC-study in Malaysian consultants can provide you with great help.

top safety for students

Top-Notch Safety

Malaysia ranks among the safest countries globally, boasting a notably low overall crime rate. This characteristic enhances the attractiveness and security of pursuing studies in Malaysia. Moreover, Malaysia’s climate remains consistently warm and humid, requiring no significant adjustment. Additionally, it’s not only a great tourist spot; Malaysia serves as a significant international business center and hosts meticulously organized global conventions. This contributes to Malaysia’s esteemed position as an exceedingly diverse nation on the global stage.AELC’s Malaysian Education consultants will ensure a hassle process to this safe haven.

Pursue Your Dreams with a Study Abroad Program in Malaysia

Many of you may already have a clear vision of your desired career path. Some may lean towards conventional professions like engineering, accounting, medicine, law, or teaching. Alternatively, others may opt for more unconventional career paths such as becoming a pilot, artist, performer, professional athlete, or entrepreneur.

Even if you’ve already achieved success in your initial career choice, you might still harbour aspirations for other dream jobs. However, some of you may feel uncertain about where to begin in terms of selecting a career path.

You may live out your academic goals at a top-tier institution in the heart of Asia by enrolling in a study abroad program in Malaysia. Trust our study in Malaysian education consultants to get the best results.

study in Malaysia consultants

Discover Malaysia As a Student

Here’s your opportunity to explore the world as a student, immerse yourself in a new culture, and enhance your career opportunities by obtaining an internationally acclaimed degree. Graduates see it as the driving force behind their success in the workforce, whether in established companies, innovative startups, or humanitarian organizations Congratulations! ALEC’s study in Malaysia consultants in Pakistan and in Malaysia will ensure you enjoy a delightful stay.


It’s not only the exotic location that draws people to Malaysia; the country is also a stunningly lovely place with a wealth of natural wonders to see during their downtime. There are many available jobs, and the cost of living is inexpensive. Moving to Malaysia with a family is a good idea because of the high quality of life and the wide variety of foreign schools available for their family. 

While considering how you’ll finance your college education is crucial, it’s equally important to determine which educational course will equip you with the qualifications necessary for your desired career. Nowadays, pursuing international student programs in Malaysia has become remarkably straightforward and the process is simple and easy.

Because of the high quality of the school system, most people in the country are fluent in English, making it easier for visitors to converse with residents. The workforce has all the necessary abilities to run a company efficiently and effectively and includes some of the most productive individuals. Its legal system, which provides businesses with robust protections, is modelled after the British legal system.

In Malaysia’s higher education system, you can pursue full-time study and earn a foreign-qualified degree or diploma. Regardless of your origin—be it the US, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or Canada—you can access higher education in Malaysia at significantly reduced costs. Additionally, Malaysia accommodates various foreign universities with campuses situated in Kuala Lumpur and other urban centers. This presents an exceptional chance to pursue your studies in a developing nation while enrolled in a university from an advanced country like the UK or the United States.

Let AELC be your reliable study in Malaysia consultants to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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Yes, Malaysia is known for its growing reputation as a study destination for international students. It is prefered for its quality education and affordability,

Yes students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during studies in Malaysia

Minimum including tuition fee: MYR 36,400 (MYR 25,000 + MYR 11,400)
Maximum including tuition fee: MYR 102,600 (MYR 75,000 + MYR 27,600)
So, the approximate total annual cost to study in Malaysia ranges from MYR 36,400 to MYR 102,600 (approximately USD 8,200 to USD 23,200).

Yes, International students aspiring to study in Malaysia must complete an internationally recognized English proficiency exam, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

A new Graduate Pass allows international graduates to stay in Malaysia for up to a year to study, travel, or work part-time.

1. Computer Science & IT Courses,2. Business Management Course,3. Accounting and Finance,4.Engineering Courses,5.Health Sciences

The approximate total annual cost to study in Malaysia ranges from MYR 36,400 to MYR 102,600 (approximately USD 8,200 to USD 23,200).


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