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Due to its excellent educational system, Malaysia has quickly become a popular study-abroad destination, with its universities consistently ranked among the world’s best. Studying in Malaysia has gained popularity due to the presence of over 170,000 students from more than 162 countries currently pursuing their education there, making it a top destination for students seeking quality education. This is because higher education in Malaysia is affordable and high-quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best study in Malaysia consultants, we are here to help you.

Study in Malaysia Offers Amazing Study Benefits You Can't Argue With

International students are warmly welcomed by locals in Malaysia, where they encounter no shortage of open doors and friendly smiles in this beautiful and diverse tropical country. Malaysian universities are dedicated to providing impeccable support to international students, ensuring their higher education experience in Malaysia is truly unforgettable. Our team of experienced Malaysian education consultants is committed to assisting you every step of the way.

This exceptional support comes with a world-class education and a broad range of cultural celebrations. Furthermore, Malaysia boasts a high-quality education system, with students’ performance and skill levels frequently examined before they get a degree. Our expert study in Malaysia consultants can guide you through the system’s complexities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

When you finish your study abroad adventure in Malaysia, several jobs and internships are waiting for you in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities. Below are the benefits you can get.

quality education in Malaysia

Quality Education

Let’s get ready to study in Malaysia. Malaysia’s education system is one of the best in South East Asia. Thanks to the high quality of the Malaysian education system and its emphasis on international standards, certain Malaysian institutions offer computer science and engineering programs that are among the top 100 programs in the world. This is a unique opportunity for you to study abroad in Malaysia and settle there after completing your education. Hire our professional Malaysian education consultant today. Make your study in Malaysia a dream come true!


Zero Hustle Entry

Malaysia is an outstanding choice for international students compared to other countries with stricter student immigration policies. Overseas students have a wide range of study options available in Malaysia compared to other nations. Unlike any other international university, students must possess their previous transcripts, valid passports, identification documents, and health certificates readily available to be considered for admission to any Malaysian institution. Once you have all these documents, you’re ready to enter. This is where education consultant Malaysia can be beneficial for you.

top safety for students

Top-Notch Safety

Malaysia is one of the world’s safest countries, with a low total crime rate. This attribute enhances the appeal and safety of studying in Malaysia. Additionally, the climate in Malaysia is consistently warm and humid, so there is no need for any adjustment. Furthermore, apart from being a popular tourist destination, Malaysia serves as a prominent international commercial hub and hosts well-organized global conferences. The country attracts individuals from diverse ethnicities and nationalities who come to study and work. This adds to Malaysia’s status as a highly diverse nation globally.

Pursue Your Dreams with a Study Abroad Program in Malaysia

Many of you may have a clear picture of your ideal profession by now. Maybe some of you have settled on more traditional occupations like engineering, accounting, medicine, law, or teaching. Some people may choose more unusual careers, such as flying planes, being an artist or a performer, playing professional sports, or starting their businesses.

 Even if you’ve already achieved success in your first dream job, you can still have more aspiration jobs in mind. Yet, some of you may be unsure of where to begin in terms of making a career choice.

You may live out your academic goals at a top-tier institution in the heart of Asia by enrolling in a study abroad program in Malaysia. Trust our study in Malaysia consultants to get the best results.

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Discover Malaysia As a Student

This is your chance to see the world as a student, learn about a new culture, and advance your career prospects by earning an internationally recognized degree. Graduates see it as the driving force behind their success in the workforce, whether in established companies, innovative startups, or humanitarian organizations. Congratulations, our Malaysian education consultant will ensure you a lovely stay.


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It’s not only the exotic location that draws people to Malaysia; the country is also a stunningly lovely place with a wealth of natural wonders to see during their downtime. There are many available jobs, and the cost of living is inexpensive. Moving to Malaysia with a family is a good idea because of the high quality of life and the wide variety of foreign schools available for their family. Malaysia can quickly adapt to the current situation of transitions as a developed country.

While thinking about how you’ll pay for college is essential, so is figuring out which educational options will help you get the credentials you’ll need for your desired profession. Now, studying in Malaysia for international students programs has been made so easy that you can get through it just like 123.
Because of the high quality of the school system, most people in the country are fluent in English, making it easier for visitors to converse with residents. The workforce has all the necessary abilities to run a company efficiently and effectively and includes some of the most productive individuals. Its legal system, which provides businesses with robust protections, is modelled after the British legal system.

The Malaysian higher education system allows you to get a foreign-qualified degree or diploma by studying full-time in the country. You can obtain higher education in Malaysia at a much lower cost, regardless of whether you’re from the US, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or Canada. Moreover, Malaysia hosts several foreign universities with campuses in Kuala Lumpur and other cities. This provides you with an incredible opportunity to pursue your studies in a developing country while enrolled in a university from an advanced country like the UK or the United States.

Let us be your reliable Malaysian education consultant to help you achieve your study in Malaysia goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions !

International students have required a minimum of twelve (12) years of education and have undergone a national/international examination recognized by the Ministry of Education for admission to diploma or degree programs.

International students from non-English speaking countries must demonstrate their English proficiency by English Language Qualifications such as IELTS, TOEFL, MUET, CAE, and PTE. These requirements may vary among universities. For comprehensive inquiries on specific entry requirements, contact us.

Tuition fees will vary depending on the program and university you choose, whether private or government. For more information regarding the cost of education in Malaysia, please click Here. For detailed information, please feel free to contact us with the institutions you are considering, and we will guide you with the best options that are suitable for you.

As an international student in Malaysia, a monthly budget of RM2000/USD500 should be sufficient to live comfortably and cover all costs, including rent and other expenses.

According to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), whether you live on or off campus, it’s quite possible to live comfortably on a budget of USD 5,000 per year.

We also provide accommodation services to international students looking for affordable housing in Malaysia, and our consultants recommend the finest possibilities near their universities. For more detail, feel free to contact us.

All international students studying at public or private higher education institutions are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week only during semester breaks or holidays of more than seven days at restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets, and hotels as long as their student passes remain valid. Please note that prior approval from the Department of Immigration is required.

Students from other countries aren’t allowed to work as cashiers. Furthermore, international students are not permitted to work as singers, masseurs, musicians, or GROs (Guest Relation Officers). International students are not allowed to work or participate in any activity considered to be immoral.

Part-time job applications must be submitted through the educational institution where international students are enrolled. In order to apply for part-time job, the overseas student must be present at the Immigration Department of Malaysia with a representative from the educational institution.

Yes, the first step to obtaining full-time employment in Malaysia is to secure a job offer from a Malaysian company. Subsequently, the employer will be responsible for procuring a work permit for you and providing instructions on the required documents for a successful application.

If your application is accepted, you will be granted an employment pass that remains valid for a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years.

However, it is essential to note that the success of your application is not guaranteed, as there are several conditions that must be fulfilled to be eligible for a work visa, such as meeting age and income requirements. These conditions are primarily in place due to the Malaysian government’s objective of attracting and retaining talent by prioritizing locals while giving jobs.

You will need the following documents to apply.

  • One passport-size photograph
  • A copy of your Passport
  • Offer Letter
  • Health Declaration Form
  • Academic certificates and transcripts
  • Personal Bond
  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Letter Of Eligibility (LOE)
  • English Language Requirement

To enter Malaysia, you must first obtain a visa. This requirement does not apply to all countries. Please contact the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Mission for more information. Also, you can take assistances in this matter from our expert study in Malaysia consultants.

Upon receipt of a complete application and payment, it should take 14 working days. The Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is issued by the Immigration Department, and the duration of the 14 working days is determined at the discretion of the Immigration Department.

Yes, this is a compulsory requirement under the laws and regulations of the Malaysian Government.

Depending on the type of institution, you will have two options:

  • Apply for your Visa online:
    Students who have obtained an offer letter from a public university or a private higher education institution (IPTS) will only be able to apply for a student visa directly through the Education Malaysia website.
  • Apply for your Visa through your institution:
    The application can also be submitted through the institution. Once you provide the necessary payment and all relevant documentation to the institution, they will initiate the process of applying for your Visa Approval Letter (VAL). Students who are interested in language and skill centers must apply directly through the institution.

Yes, it is mandatory for you to provide a security bond deposit referred to as a ‘personal bond.’ The government sets this cost, which varies based on your country of origin. This fee is paid to your educational institution as a form of security. While EMGS does not collect this amount, we require a document from your institution as proof of payment. For more information, kindly contact us.

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