Why is Canada the Best Country for Study Abroad

No doubt Canada is a prime and most desired destination for thousands of international students from across all continents. The country has something special to offer to everyone; for example, from an excellent educational system to world-class multicultural environment, Canada offers a great culture of learning, tolerance, and diversity.

Even if you do not know significantly about Canada or have never been there, let use guide you about the top reasons why Canada is the most desirable destination for pursuing foreign education.  

  • High Quality of Education in Canada

The Canadian education system is one of the highest quality in the world with many global prestigious universities hosting thousands of students per year. As an international student, you can get ample opportunities to gain industry experience and improve chances of settling in this beautiful country. Also, degree earned from Canada are internationally equivalent to degrees in the United States and Europe. 

  • Diversity and French Language Schools 

The diversity of degree programs in Canada is comprehensive. They offer every subject from technology to humanities to psychology to health. There are several French Language Schools which offer opportunities to learn French at a lower cost. Learning French becomes fun and beneficial because Canadians place a huge importance on language learning.  

  • High Quality yet Affordable Cost 

If you are serious about studying in an affordable country, then AEL brings you the good news. Tution fee is generally lower than other popular countries such as the US, UK, and Australia. You can calculate your education costs by using a tool provided by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC). Tuition fee mostly depends on what you are studying. For example, postgraduate tuition fees in Canada are generally lower than other English speaking countries. According to Canada Statistics, postgraduate tuition fee for international students is almost USD 14100.   

  • Cost of Living in Canada

Besides tuition fees, Canada is a budget-friendly country. Your study expenses also depend on your chosen city, location, and spending habits. If you live in large cities such as Toronto, your expenses can rise. Students often pay around USD 2271 to USD 5680 for on-campus housing each year. You can also live in private shared places; however, university accommodation is often cheaper with good meal plans. Postgraduate tuition fee in Canada is lower than most of the world class countries. 

  • High-Tech Country that Officers Leisure and Learning 

Technological innovations cover the whole country. Canada has all high-tech facilities and technologies to offer you leisure and learning simultaneously. There are concert halls to public art galleries; There are unbelievable opportunities to meet like-minded people and gain valuable experience through student-run governments, media, and businesses. Studying abroad in Canada opens up a treasure of research and scholars to draw upon for several disciplines. Enjoy the safe country and rich culture. 

Summing it up! 

Canada is the safest country for international students with highest standards of living, excellent student health and accommodation facilities. All Canadian universities focus on the safety of their students and make your learning experience a memorable one. The education system is high-quality and easy-to-follow to thrive in business or job after studies. The multicultural diversity of people can leave you stunned and feel at home. Give yourself a chance to assimilate in Canadian culture and get a work permit to enjoy a superior lifestyle after studies. Cost of living in Canada is also low with the possibility of immigration