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Student Life in Canada: Pro and Cons

Student life is a golden period for any individual. Everybody wants to learn and enjoy while living in a welcoming environment abroad. Canada is a world-class destination for young students to pursue their dreams. From top-ranking universities to a high standard of living and thriving job prospects after studies, Canada has it all.

The number of international students in Canada is constantly increasing. Thanks to visa-friendly policies and welcoming staff, let us show you the pros and cons of attaining higher education in Canada (the most popular destination for Asian students.

Always a Promising Prospect 


Studying in Canada is always a good prospect for international students. It is the most desirable choice for international students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You will study, learn, and work with a diverse and learned community. Asian immigrants are in higher quantities; it is possible to fuel personal and professional growth with these immigrants.


Do your research before living in Canada because rules may be different for immigrants and local citizens.

Highest Quality of Education 


The largest number of post-secondary students prefer Canada as their ideal destination for studies because the value and quality of education are very high.

In Canada, you get nothing less than the best training; the government is investing and spending more on education than any other country globally. The great news is that you can obtain a university degree in 2 to 4 years and apply for thousands of tech-related or business jobs.


One disadvantage for international students is that they often limit their career opportunities by only looking for English-related jobs. Not learning basic French can open more doors for them to create attraction for employers.

Reliable Healthcare Services


All permanent residents and citizens in Canada are eligible for public health insurance; that means you can easily cover most of your medical expenses in Canada with insurance. The healthcare system is universal and sophisticated to solve all your healthcare problems and focus on studies stress-free.


Despite having a great healthcare system for international students at a low cost, students may have to wait a long time in big cities due to elective procedures.

Love Winters and Snow? Canada is for you!


The Canadian climate is mostly recognized as a cold heaven with moderate summer and a long day. Depending on your city, the weather and humidity significantly differ.

Usually, people in Canada enjoy four seasons. For example, if you live in populated areas near the US border, the temperature in summer can be 35°C and even higher. However, it can fall near -25° C in the winter. During Spring and Fall, students enjoy moderate and mild weather.


Canadian winter is mostly associated with low temperatures and heavy snowfall. However, the country’s climate is diverse due to the landscape and sometimes gets harsh in winter.