Top Five Benefits of the Post Graduate Work Permit Program for International Students

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program contains several benefits for International students in Canada. When students complete their studies, they can decide whether to continue living and working in Canada by choosing the PGWP program. However, international immigrants and students need to adhere to immigration laws throughout their studies and stays. This is an essential component of Canada’s immigration strategies to help talented people work in Canada.

Let our study in Canada consultants guide you further in the context of Benefits of the PGWP Program. Let’s shed more light on the top five benefits of the PGWP program in Canada. There are some vital requirements of this program students have to fulfill. First, let us understand the post-graduate work permit PGWP and how students can apply for it to retain permanent residency in Canada

The Definition of PGWP

Congratulations on your decision to study in Canada. The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) of the Canadian Government is the most important effort for providing work permits and residence permits to international students to remain in Canada. This program aims to attract and retain various international students in the country after they graduate from prestigious universities. This program does not need students to first apply for a job and have a job offer to stay in Canada. The open work allows graduates to gain valuable work experience in Canada. 

Moreover, graduates must maintain full-time status each semester before applying for this program. Students who work part-time during their studies also get authorized to work in Canada easily after their studies. However, this is a rare one-time opportunity for graduates and candidates who should understand all the requirements of PGWP to enjoy a great life in Canada.

When Should You Apply for the PGWP Program

Once you complete your graduation, you can apply for a post-graduate work permit within 180 days or six months after completing your studies in Canada. All you need is to ask your university to provide a transcript and an official letter from the eligible DLI confirming you have met all the program requirements. You can also leave Canada and apply for the PGWP program if you have other family commitments


1. The ability to work full-time

Once you complete your education, you can start working full-time for a company or an NGO. This means that you can work whatever number of hours you wish to per week instead of just 20 hours before. Yes, this is the biggest benefit for students who are used to working part-time for several years and can finally find a break from their restricted work routines to find full-time employment with a Canadian employer. 

2. Freedom to Choose Your Workplace in Canada

The current program allows job seekers to choose any Canadian organization at any date. They do not need a prior job offer to apply for a post-graduate work permit. It is the best open work permit that allows graduates to join several occupations and apply for jobs anywhere in Canada and at any date. Some jobs may require a medical examination, but that is not something to worry about if you keep yourself healthy and safe. 

3. Head start in Your Professional Career

The program allows students to kickstart their dream careers in the country. It allows them to apply their learning in a creative way and start a professional journey in a different field. It is up to them to find all the high-paying jobs in the country.

4. The Power to Get the Canadian Immigration

The PGWP program opens doors towards gaining valuable work experiences in Canada. After getting one year of professional experience, you can be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence. This can be your one-way ticket to applying for Canadian immigration.

5. Ample Space and Time to Evaluate Your Future Options

Many students are still determining their future in Canada and how their life will shape. However, there is nothing to worry about because there is no need to reside in Canada or hold a job at all times to keep your work permit valid. You can go to your home country and meet your family or spouse; you can even take a European vacation and then start your job search again in Canada. Just meet the deadlines, and you are safe.

Let Canada education consultants guide you properly to choose the best career path.