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Why Study in Canada: Reasons Behind Its Popularity Among Pakistani Students

Let’s face it, thousands of  Pakistani students are leaping each year, and for good reason.Well, Pakistan’s higher education scene is shaky, with economic and political hurdles. No local universities cracked the global top 200 in 2023.This blog will help you understand why study in Canada is gaining popularity among Pakistani students, especially with the assistance of study in Canada consultants in Pakistan.

Why study in Canada?

Pakistani students and their parents often head abroad for education because modern research courses are hard to find back home. Finding a course in a foreign country with both excellent facilities and affordable tuition fees is the core objective. The ability to work alongside studies sweetens the deal for many students.

For these reasons, less privileged background students choose Canada for further studies.  31 Canadian universities sit within the QS top 1500 worldwide, boasting stellar academic credentials. Moreover, these universities collaborate with industries to conduct real-life research in the fields of biology, medicine, IT, business, and social sciences.

Affordable Tuition Fee & Cost of Living

Canada is the best combo of reasonable tuition fees and manageable living costs. This is the major reason why students with budget constraints choose Canada for study. 

The tuition fee of Canadian universities varies in range. It also depends on the province that you choose to study. According to IRCC, the average tuition fee for a graduate program ranges from CAD 10,000 to  36,100 per year. (Statistics Canada,2022)

Student costs may vary depending on expenses for accommodation, leisure, food, and transportation. However, according to IRCC, the minimum required amount is CAD 20,635. (IRCC, 2024)

The cost of living and tuition fees is the lowest in comparison to the USA, UK, and Australia which is why students study in Canada.

Work Policy for Students in Canada

Canada allows students to work for 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time on vacation. 

On-campus jobs as well as internships are available, which lightens the burden on the pocket of parents back home. 

Most of the universities offer co-op (co-operative work) programs allowing students to work for four months a year in their field. This is a great addition to their CV helping them to win prominent jobs after graduation.

Moreover, Canada allows students to work for at least three years after graduation. This mostly leads to PR which is why study in Canada is preferred over other countries.

Safe & Welcoming

Canada ranks 11 on the Global Peace Index in 2023-24 making it a favourite destination for international students.

As an international student, you will enjoy the same rights as a Canadian citizen. It is safe and secure for young students.

In addition, the quality of life in Canada is excellent. World-class health facilities, and travel facilities and make it rank in 5th in the quality of life index in 2023. 

Why Study in Canada? Not only its safe but the local community makes it a pleasurable experience for students. 

Natural Beauty & Cultural Diversity

Amongst all the advantages of studying in Canada its natural and scenic beauty acts as icing on the cake.

With such a large land mass you can enjoy its scenic lakes and largest coastline.

During your stay in Canada, you’ll discover not only the wonder of Niagara Falls but also the warm hospitality of the Canadian people, making it a favourite destination for tourists.

Students do not face any challenges from locals which helps them to accept Canada as a new home.

Visa Policy in 2024

Pakistan comes under SDS (Student Direct Stream) allowing fast-track visa service. Your visa will be processed within  20 days.  

There are some changes in visa policy in 2024. The Canadian government has announced a cap for the next two years. According to this announcement 35% reduction is expected in student visas. 

A provincial attestation letter is mandatory for every study permit applicant. (IRCC, 2024)

There is no change in visa policy for students pursuing master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Hence, ensure you have updated information about the visa policy before applying for study in Canada.


Ideally, by this point, you know why study in Canada and reasons behind its popularity among Pakistani Students.Seize the opportunity to fulfil your dreams.Ensure you have all the required documents and submit your application as soon as possible. It could be the first step towards a rewarding career and a prosperous future. If you need guidance, consider reaching out to the best consultant for Canada in Pakistan for expert advice.