Canada or the US- Which Study Destination is better?

Today, we will shed light on studies in the United States vs. Canada and discover why studying in Canada is often more beneficial than the US? Over the past couple of years, both of these neighboring countries have emerged as top study destinations for international students.

Canada aspires to acquire more students each year while the US is already inspiring and attracting a huge number of candidates from abroad. However, which country has overtaken the other in the recent decade?

Of course, it is Canada!

Let us explore the perks of studying in Canada as the most rewarding destination abroad.

Why is Canada’s Education Decision better than the US?

In the past one decade, the competition between the US and Canada has been thought to acquire more international students. However, Canada has been able to overtake the US lately for a number of reasons.

  1.     Visa Policies and Procedures

 There are a few controversies surrounding the US F1 visa freeze due to the savage outbreak of COVID-19. That has significantly reduced the number of international students Applying in the US for higher studies. More changes in the H1-B student visa have occurred, making students more concerned about the US policies.   

The good news is that Canada does not experience such a drastic change in visa policies and procedures.   

  1.     Time Consuming Process of the US

For instance, the most important factor for the students loving Canada over the US is quick processing time to get study permits. Canada ensures that students apply as quickly as possible and get results from the immigration department. Moreover, the cost of applying in Canada is also lower than the US. 

Also, the US visa application system is extremely time-consuming compared to Canada. It gives many headaches to students due to scrutiny rules. While Canada provides a simpler and shorter processing process that students embrace. 

  1.     Post-Employment Opportunities

The great news is that studying in Canada allows international students to look for their suitable and rewarding employment opportunities after their studies. For instance the Graduate Work Permit allows people like you to remain for up to two years after graduation. 

In the case of the US, F-1 visa holders can only remain in the country for up to one year of temporary employment.

  1.     Eligibility Criteria

The international students can easily fulfill the eligibility criteria of Canada; even though it is not much different than the US, Canadian universities make eligibility criteria simpler and faster. For example, for a Bachelor’s program, entrance exams are required in the US such as SAT or ACT exams. Similar exams are not required in Canada such as mandatory SAT/ACT scores.  

  1.     Costs & Expenses

Another huge reason for pursuing a cantina university degree is low expenses compared to the neighboring country. The only two major expenses of global students in Canada are tuition fees and living expenses. However, the cost of living in the US major cities is exceptionally high.