We arrange safe and suitable accommodation.

Studying abroad brings a challenging task: finding safe and peaceful accommodation. With a long list of accommodation partners, we can assist you in selecting the place which you think is suitable according to your requirements.
Whether you are looking for private accommodation or with a group, we can provide you with options per your choices. We provide complete details about the accommodation provider for authenticity. We ensure to fulfill your requests timely and appropriately.

Easy Accommodation Process

Study abroad and pursue your career with no pressure from the accommodation arrangements.

The Easy

We offer various kinds of accommodation options to students who are looking to study abroad in different countries by:

  • Assisting with accommodation facilities across the world
  • Fully secure and trustworthy accommodation

Accommodation Procedure

AEL Consultants has to offer a complete range of services required to study abroad so the process becomes smooth and your dreams come true. We have served customers for ten years with complete confidence.

  • Homestay facilities are arranged.
  • On and off-campus accommodation
  • Temporary hotel accommodation until you find a new place.
  • Temporary accommodation with a group of international students

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