We provide an outstanding career counseling service.

Deciding to study abroad is tough if you find no one to counsel you according to your interests and aptitude. Not just a career path, selecting the country and university, along with the study program, are the most difficult decisions to make as studying abroad requires a good investment of time and money. 

Whether you are puzzled about selecting the right university or course program, AEL Consultants has covered you. Our expert counselors meet the students and guide them thoroughly down the right career path matching their skills and talents. Our counselors are qualified to help you make critical career decisions.

Best Career Counselors

AEL consultants are the bridge between students and the top academic institutions worldwide, broadening the horizons of capable students.

Selecting your career counselor is another daunting task because your future and career are dependent on them. Here is why you can trust the counselors at AEL Consultants:

  • Highly qualified and knowledgeable about various programs
  • Proven track record of counseling students worldwide

Counseling Procedure

While many counselors claim to be the best, we advise our students in the light of the adequate experience we have had counseling thousands of students successfully studying at their dream universities. We have been:

  •  Knowing about student interests and skills
  •  Guiding them through various career paths
  •  Selecting a one-course program based on interest
  •  Finalizing the university and country to pursue the course